#AtoZ Challenge: M is for Movie Night

#AtoZ Challenge: M is for Movie Night

Movie night is a great opportunity to get in some short bursts of training for your dog. 

Any longer time period you're watching television provides the perfect circumstances to practice place. You're right there with your dog, so you can monitor progress. If you're just starting to practice with place, then movie night allows your dog to increase duration on place gradually and over time.

If you're watching anything with commercials, train during the commercial breaks.

If you're streaming a movie or watching a DVD, whenever you pause, spend a  minute reviewing a skill or trick with your dog.

If you're stopping for a snack, you could practice stay. You probably won't be gone for long, so you're setting your dog up for success. 

If your dog barks at the television, movie night gives you the chance to practice quiet

When we're watching a movie together, we'll usually make a special snack about halfway through, so we give the dog's each their own bully stick as a reward for being such good pups during the first half of the movie.

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