Welcome to our list of pawsome products for our pack!

Every product below comes with our highest recommendation. These are our absolute favorite dog toys, dog foods, dog treats, and dog products that we use regularly, if not every day. As we discover new products that we love, we'll add to this list.

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Dog Toys

KONG's Cozie Marvin the Moose has been with Bernie since we brought our guy home. Bernie snuggles with Marvin after every meal, during naps, and every night in bed. Neither of our dogs are power chewers, so we've had the same Marvin for over two years. Marvin has been washed countless times, so his squeaker no longer works, but Bernie doesn't care about that. He just loves his Marvin!

Charming Pets' Pulleez Giraffe Plush Toy was quickly embraced by Lizzie and renamed Jenny Giraffe. Lizzie loves tossing Jenny around and chomping on the squeakers. Jenny's arms move back and forth for perfect tug-of-war action between Lizzie and Bernie.


Fabdog's Floppy Elephant Dog Toy was purchased on a whim and quickly christened Ellie Elephant. With five different squeakers, you'd think they would be the play highlight, but it's actually her pillowed texture that has brought hours of gnawing fun. With two Labradoodles, I decided I better get another fabdog floppy dog toy, so Floppy Frog was adopted and renamed Kermie.

ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Burrow Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy is a crowd pleaser! Each of the three hedgehogs squeaks. The den has two holes for your dog to pull the hedgehogs out. Be prepared. You will be stuffing hedgehogs back into their den over and over. Hours of fun, especially if you put toys away and roate them. When we pull out any of our Zippypaws Interactive Hide and Seek Toys, the pups are thrilled all over again.

Planet Dog's Orbee Tuff Diamond Plate Double Tuff Toy is one of Lizzie's favorites to gnaw on. When we brought Lizzie home, we quickly realized that most of the plastic toys we had were too large for her to chew. Planet Dog has several toys that come in small, medium, and large sizes. Their plastic contains no latex, BPA or phthalates. The FDA-approved, non-toxic plastic is infused with a little peppermint oil that keeps both of our pups coming back for more.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Orbee Bone comes in glow, pink, blue, or green in four different sizes. We opted for a small 5" blue bone for Lizzie. While she happily chews on blue bone, she prefers retrieving this adorable toy and trotting around the house carrying blue bone in her mouth. When we rotate toys, we have to keep one of the Planet Dog toys out because Lizzie chews on them consistently.

Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Balls are favorites with the pups! Since Bernie and Lizzie are not power chewers, I like that these fetch balls allow them to keep breathing while they're running around with the ball in their mouth. If I toss them in my backpack for an outing, they don't add much weight. They're also light enough for indoor fetch, assuming that you throw lightly with some decent aim. These balls probably won't hold up if you have a turbo chewer. Stick with the regular Chuckit balls.


West Paw's Zogoflex Bumi Tug of War Durable Dog Play Toy is an interactive toy the pups like to play with together and chew on separately. We have both the small and large versions. I love how safe and sustainable West Paw designs are. Their Zogoflex is non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free and FDA compliant. West Paw even has a sustainability loop. Zogoflex toys sent back to their manufacturing facility in Bozeman, MT get chipped and recycled into another Zogoflex toy.

West Paw's Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy is a welcome change of pace from frozen KONGs, which are a big hit with our desert dogs. You do have to buy both the large and small version of this toy separately to create the puzzle toy, so that can frustrate some pet parents. However, when I add kibble or tiny dog treats to this West Paw design, the pups will actually interact with it. Gleefully! Both of our dogs want nothing to do with rolling puzzle toys that are perfect orbs. With West Paw's puzzle toy, they'll keep pushing and nudging away until every piece of kibble is gone.

Bernie McSquare yawning as he prepares for a good nap with his favorite KONG plushie dog toy Marvin Moose right next to him
Lizzie McSquare rests on the couch armrest with her favorite plushie dog toy Jenny Giraffe from Charming Pets.
Bernie McSquare naps peacefully with his fabdog Floppy Elephant plushie who we've named Ellie Elephant.

Dog Food & Treats

Castor and Pollux Organix Grain Free Organic Chicken and Sweet Potato Dog Food is *the* staple kibble around our house. Not only are the ingredients USDA Organic, a label that actually means something, their dog food is also a verified non-GMO pet product! While we have tried two other kibbles and another dog food, the pups love their Organix the most.

Stella & Chewy's Meal Mixers is the pups' absolute favorite protein supplement! I have only purchased the Dandy Lamb, mainly because I supplement their kibble with organic chicken breast, chicken livers, and sardines as well. However, I have to be strategic in when I serve the Dandy Lamb. If Bernie is not hungry enough, my Doodle boy will scarf up the Dandy Lamb pieces, and leave the rest of his meal behind.

The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth is my secret ingredient for getting the pups to eat their greens! For months, I could chop up spinach or kale, add a little cocunut oil, mix in with their kibble, and the pups would scarf up their meal. Then suddenly, it was like they were on to me! They started picking out the greens and leaving them behind. Knowing how important fresh greens are to their health, I had to get sneakier. Enter bone broth, organic greens of my choice, and the NutriBullet!

The NutriBullet High Speed Blender/Mixer has been fantastic for Matthew and me when we want to make smoothies. When the pups stopped eating the fresh greens that I added to their kibble, I figured they could get in on the smoothie action, pup-style. Each night, I add spinach or kale, maybe some blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries, maybe some carrot pieces, or even a bit of apple or banana into the NutriBullet cup. I try to vary up their fruits and veggies. Then I pour in some Honest Kitchen Bone Broth and pulverize the greens into a pup smoothie that I mix into their kibble. The pups love their custom smoothies! Read more about how I supplement their kibble with human food.

Whimzees Natural Grain Free Daily Dental Dog Treats Variety Packs make afternoons whimsical! Seriously, the pups love their Whimzees and I love the benefits. These dental chews help break up plaque and tartar build up with a reasonable calorie count. Lizzie's small treat has 53 calories while Bernie's medium treat contains 105 calories. Whimzees are also a verified non-GMO pet product! I still brush their teeth with homemade toothpaste and gauze, but Whimzees help me keep plaque and tartar under control.

Wet Noses Little Stars Training Treats are teeny tiny bites that are so easy to use! These treats are almost 1/4" in diameter, so we can reward the pups over and over without worrying about spoiling their appetites. Plus they're USDA Organic and a verified non-GMO pet product. Right now we order the peanut butter and sweet potato treats, and we're hoping for more flavors to be added.

Dog Products at Home


Finding this Three Bowl Elevated Feeding Station took some time. While we found a few other feeding stations that incoprated one water bowl and two food bowls, none of them appealed to us aesthetically. Stick and Bone offers four different wood tops that are water resistent. We've had our feeding station since April 2017 and we love it. If the pups smear yogurt on the wood surface, I just spray a little vinegar and wipe it away easily. If you'd like a custom order, be sure to message Stick and Bone through their Etsy shop.

Lizzie's Thundershirt has helped her tremendously. While thunderstorms and fire works certainly stress her out, she also gets nervous and barky when she hears car doors slamming, neighborhood dogs barking, and any other unexpected sounds of civilization. I've gotten into the habit of putting her into her Thundershirt after dinner since she seems more stressed at night. While Thundershirts don't work for every pup out there, Lizzie certainly benefits from wearing hers.

K&H Elevated Pet Cots have made life around our house much smoother. When Daddy comes home, the pups go to place on their respective cots. After paw baths, they go relax on place on their cots. When we're eating juicy cheeseburgers, the pups stare at us longingly from their cots. The cots are so comfy, the pups will rest on them voluntarily! They're light, and easy to move around the house. The legs pop off and on quickly. Plus they're easy to clean.

SUMCOO Stainless Steel Pet Dog & Cat Grooming Comb with Rounded Teeth is a great tool for working out mats, especially on their Doodle ears. I also frequently use this comb to remove cactus burrs from the dogs' paws after walks through our neighborhood, which has no sidewalks and plenty of nature. The rounded teeth on this stainless steel comb are gentle and I like the choice of fine or wider teeth.

Lizzie McSquare sports her Thundershirt any time she's feeling stressed or anxious.
When I clean the house, I stack Lizzie's K&H smaller cot on top of Bernie's larger one. Lizzie doesn't mind, though. She just hops up onto the "penthouse" level of the cot stack.

Dog Products for Going Places

These Customized Mini License Plate Pet Identification Tags are available for all 50 states in the United States plus 12 of the Canadian provinces and territories. These distinct dog tags are conversation starters. Prepare for people to inquire about where you found these unique ID tags.

The Sleepypod Clickit Sport Certified and Crash-Tested Dog Safety Harness is one of the best investments we made for our pups. Initially, I had to take some time to adjust the straps and get them just so for each dog. Once those changes were made, though, the pups quickly adapted to sitting in their assigned spot in the car for strapping in. The pups can sit up or lie down comfortably. I can drive us to our next adventure knowing that they're safely secured in the back seat.

Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Dog Collar Collection looks stylish on both Bernie and Lizzie. Trying to find a tasteful solid colored collar at pet stores was impossible. When I discovered this simple collar on Amazon, I was thrilled. Bernie's been wearing his same Blueberry collar for two years now, and it still looks great. Lizzie started wearing hers a few months ago. Since they're both fully grown, I anticpate these collars lasting for years.

Fabdog's Nylon Rope Slip Lead Dog Leash was one of the recommended training products from our trainer. While we thought we might switch out to a different leash, we like the sturdy slip lead in a neutral color. The medium-sized lead that we purchased for Bernie when he was still growing is now Lizzie's, and Bernie has a large lead. When I'm walking both dogs I can fit both loops in one hand, or if we're on a more isolated path, I'll walk with one lead in each hand.

Beco Bags (Eco Friendly Poop Bags) are our favorite biodegradable unscented poop bags. Knowing that the plastic degrades in 90-120 days makes me feel much better about tossing poop bags in the trash. Equally important for us, these bags are larger than many other poop bags. Each bag measures 8.75"x13", which means bigger guys can still get their hand in there! Now with two dogs who frequently poop at the same time, I can grab both piles with one bag, so there's defintely enough room for the poops of larger dogs.

The COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl's are made in China. If anyone finds collapsible dog bowls made in the USA, please let me know. I searched around for collapsible bowls made here, but to no avail. I'm happy with these since they are made from food-grade silicone, BPA-free, and lead-free. The bowls have held up well for the past two years. The carabiner on the blue bowl kept falling off, but I usually toss a bowl into my daypack with water for the pups so I'm not as concerned about the sturdiness of the carabiner. Both pups can drink at the same time from one of these bowls, and they're easy to clean out with some vinegar.

Sleepypod's Yummy Travel Medium Bowl in Mango Tango is also made from baby safe, FDA food-grade, BPA-free silicone. I love this trio of bowls for certain adventures. I'll leave the clear food bowl in the mango tango water bowl to make the entire water bowl heavier. Bernie has this thing about knocking over travel water bowls, but not this one! Then the small gray lid makes for a great treat dispensing bowl when we sit at a dog-friendly patio. It's a much nicer dining experience to have the dog treats in one place, and anyone can grab a treat to reward one of the pups, which the pups love, love, love!


Klean Kanteen's are my favorite stainless steel water bottles. The bright colors make it easy to assign bottles to different people or for different purposes. For most of the year, I carry the 27oz bottle, but for summers in Tucson, I grab the 64oz beheamouth! It holds enough water for the pups and I to share for most morning walks.

Bernie and Lizzie McSquare in their Sleepypod Clickit Sport Dog Safety Harnesses at the Tucson Botanical Gardens.
Bernie and Lizzie McSquare wearing their fabdog leashes at Catalina State Park in Tucson, Arizona.
Lizzie McSquare rests with her COMSUN Collapsable Dog Bowl full of fresh water.
Taking a water break at the dog park with our 40 oz flame orange Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Water Bottle and the Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowl in mango.

Dog Training Products

YOGADOG's Durable 33-Foot Dog Training Long Lead has come in handy for several training activities. The thick material is durable and coils nicely for hanging. I know when I'm stepping on this lead to restrict any movement, and the red stripe makes it easier to see on the ground. The padded handle is a nice touch, but I'm usually holding the lead in a few places as I coil it up, move around, and then let out slack. The rubbery material is pretty comfortable all around. Since this lead is bulkier some people may not like carting it around. I usually throw it into my backpack with a water bottle, training treats, dog toys, and personal items.

Signature K9 Biothane 15-Foot Long Line is another training lead that I use regularly. The biothane is just thick enough for me to really feel it under my shoe when I'm stepping on it, and thin enough to easily coil up for storage and transport. It's pretty light and easy to manage either indoors or outdoors.

Bernie McSquare practices his recall with the 50 foot YOGADOG Training Lead at La Encantada Shopping Mall in Tucson, Arizona.
Bernie McSquare training indoors with the 10-foot Signature K9 Biothane Long Lead