#AtoZ Challenge: Z is for Zeal

#AtoZ Challenge: Z is for Zeal

Zeal. Gusto. Passion. 

Remember to find joy while you're working with your dog. Isn't that part of why you wanted a companion?

If you and your pup are enjoying your time together, you'll both be more motivated  to learn and to bond. How could you not be successful?

Need some inspiration for boosting your zeal?

The American Kennel Club has numerous resources to help you get involved with dog sports like agility, scent work, rally, tricks, field trials, barn hunts, and more.

Earn trick dog titles with Do More With Your Dog.

If your dog loves water, then check out DockDogs 101 for more information about dock diving.

Find a local Disc Dog Club through SkyHoundz.

Listen to a doggie podcast like Dog Training Conversations with Chad Mackin. If you prefer to listen to a podcast about dog activities, try Bad Dog Agility or What the Dog Nose, a podcast dedicated to learning more about the world of canine scent detection and gaining a deeper understanding of the human-canine relationship.

Check out the ideas at Best Friends Animal Society's Dog Care Resources page.

Search Facebook for groups that may offer inspiration. You may find local dog clubs, free local resources, groups for enthusiasts of your dog's breed, or groups focused on canine activities that you and your dog love.

Watch a dog movie or documentary with your pup.

Start or join a dog book club. There are countless books both fiction and nonfiction about dogs out there.

Ask around with friends for ideas of activities to do with your dog.

Most importantly, keep training fun for you and your pup!

#AtoZChallenge - Z  is for Zeal - Practical Dog Training Tips for Busy People on McSquare Doodles

What dog resources have sparked joy for you?
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