#AtoZ Challenge: V is for Veterinarian's Office

#AtoZ Challenge: V is for Veterinarian's Office

Training while you're in your veterinarian’s office for regular check-ups creates a winning scenario.

If you're training while you wait, you're busy and your dog stays busy. Your dog gets treats and makes positive associations with being at the vet. Your vet and vet tech are happy because your dog is happy.

Be sure to bring enough treats so everyone can feed your pup. Let people know what your dog does well. If she rocks a roll over, then let her show off her skills.

By creating a positive atmosphere around a vet visit, you're also helping your dog feel safe. If the time ever comes when you have to take your dog in for an emergency, having the pup who's had good experiences at the vet's office can only help.

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How do you create a positive atmosphere during a vet visit?
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