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 Irene, dog mom for the McSquare pack.

Hello. I'm Irene McHugh, dog mom for the McSquare Pack. Dog dad is Matthew "McRuffRuffShy" who is not on social media. When we adopted our first puppy Bernie, we decided to combine our last names as McSquare.

When Bernie was about seven months old, he was diagnosed with atypical Addison's Disease. Even though the news that our fur baby had this chronic disease was disheartening, we were determined that Bernie would live the happiest pup life we could possibly provide for him.

As a first-time dog mom, my research about all things D-O-G dramatically increased. And research is one of my obsessions. I received my bachelor's degree in journalism, so chasing down answers is a penchant of mine. While wading through dog information on the interwebs can be overwhelming, it is also quite motivating. I've learned a great deal not just about Addison's Disease, but also nutrition, exercise, and the benefits of keeping dogs mentally and physically engaged.

As an educator, I love sharing what I learn, so starting McSquare Doodles is an easy choice. We hope you'll find tips here that help you feel less overwhelmed in caring for your smiling dog. Please join us on our journey to become certified as a therapy dog family.

Bernie McSquare

 Bernie McSquare sniffing one of the turtle statues at LaEncantada Mall.

Bernie is our sweet happy-go-lucky outgoing 35-pound mini-Labradoodle who we adopted from Crawford Doodles in Queen Creek, Arizona.

He's a proud graduate of Ruff House's 8-Week Puppy Obedience Class, and he's currently working towards earning the AKC title Canine Good Citizen. His ultimate goal is to become a certified therapy dog through the Humane Society of Southern Arizona's Pet VIP Therapy and Visitation Program in 2018.

In November 2016, he was diagnosed with atypical Addison's Disease, but that hasn't stopped him from being an adventurous pup. He loves going on long walks, meeting people, scampering around various dog parks, playing fetch with his squeaky ball, and exploring dog-friendly locations around Tucson and Southern Arizona.

His favorite toy is Marvin Moose.

LaEncantada is my favorite destination for high-end sniffs. The sophisticated mall layout and ambience allow me to maximize my socialization and keep up with all doggie news.
— Bernie McSquare
 Bernie McSquare relaxing with his favorite plushie buddy Marvin Moose.
 Bernie McSquare enjoys fetching balls through the tunnel at Smiling Dog Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

Lizzie McSquare

We adopted Lizzie from Crawford Doodles in May 2017. With the same parents as Bernie, she quickly adapted to the McSquare Pack.

One of her cutest quirks is her quizzical head tilt. When she cocks her head to the side, you can tell she's paying attention and figuring things out. Combine her problem-solving disposition with her razor-sharp puppy teeth and nails, and her nickname "Our Little Velociraptor" makes sense.

At just four months of age, Lizzie knows how to sit, go down, and keep place on her dog bed. Since she loves mimicking her big brother, I find training both her and Bernie together in short bursts to be quite manageable. Depending on her current chewing preference, she has two favorite toys: her plushie Jenny Giraffe and her purple Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Toy.

For most of the summer I’ve been a bit of a homebody, but I’m looking forward to meeting more new people and going on lots of adventures with my big brother Bernie.
— Lizzie McSquare
 Lizzie McSquare loves her Jenny Giraffe, a Plushie from Charming Pet.
 Lizzie McSquare relaxing in her Tucson living room with Albert Alligator and her favorite purple Orbee Tuft Toy.

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