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Time for a paw bath...

After afternoon walks through our new neighborhood of dense Sonoran Desert flatland, Bernie and Lizzie McSquare can have some dusty and grimy paws. 

Thankfully, our home has a separate tub with a flexible rainfall shower head extender that makes washing and rinsing just their paws a quick and easy task.

Bernie and Lizzie McSquare enjoy their soothing paw bath after an afternoon walk through the Sonoran Desert of Tucson.

The Sonoran Desert Jumping Cholla

While this cactus may look all fuzzy wuzzy, it is not. I despise this plant that some call the Teddy Bear Cholla.

See the segments on the ground? Those prickly burrs easily break off this cactus. If you're the poor person who brushes too close, you'll find the burrs stuck all over you. A truly painful experience! Even worse, if you get them off you, but they're still on the ground near you, they really can "jump" toward your legs.

The jumping cholla is my most dreaded cactus in the Sonoran Desert. Those pricey burrs may not look threatening, but they will jump and cling to passersby.

Jumping Cholla Cactus Burr

Lizzie has been unfortunate enough to have two Jumping Cholla burrs stick to her paw and the side of her face.  I don't let the pups anywhere near these cacti, so her encounters were with burrs on the ground, so they were not deeply embedded. So far, our girl has been a champ letting me pull each burr away in one swift motion.

These burrs from jumping cholla cacti are clingy painful if you get one embedded in your skin.

What sorts of dangers and obstacles do you have to avoid
on walks with your pup? Please share in the comments below.

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