How to Register Your Dog for AKC Canine Partners

The American Kennel Club is not just for purebreds. Their Canine Partners program allows any mixed-breed dog to join the AKC to compete for titles in Agility, Obedience, Rally, and Tracking and Coursing Ability.

What's the benefit of Canine Partners for CGC?

Since Bernie and I are signed up for a Canine Good Citizen class starting in a few weeks, I thought I should register him with the AKC. If we pass the CGC test, I can send the CGC Test/Registration Form to the AKC to have the title "CGC" added to his AKC Canine Partners registration. With "CGC" as a title, I may also use "CGC" as a suffix after Bernie's name.

Bernie's been working hard at being a good citizen. At this point my biggest worry is Doodle excitement. He loves meeting new people and needs reminders not to jump on people. Don't let his solid sit-stay fool you. If I release him and then try to meet anyone, he's a crazy pants, as our trainer would say.

Bernie ignores numerous distractions while training in Home Depot. He kept his sit-stay while one man walked by use with his bright orange cart, and two other men discussed product options a little further down the aisle.
Bernie loves to show off his solid sit-stay at the LaEncantada Shopping Center in Tucson, Arizona. He's just outside the special rocky area designed for doggie business, but he calmly sits and waits for me to release him to go smell the news.
Bernie maintains a sit-stay in the courtyard area of the LaEncantada Shopping Center in Tucson, Arizona.

Does Canine Partners have any other benefits?

Besides the official certificate, you receive a lifetime enrollment in the AKC Reunite Lost & Found Recovery Service. You receive a Reunite Collar Tag with your dog's AKC Canine Partners Program Listing Number on it. If your dog is microchipped, you can provide them with that number as well, so your information is in another database in case your dog every goes missing.

There's also the one-year free subscription to Family Dog Magazine, which is published bimonthly. I'm looking forward to receiving my first issue in about 8-10 weeks.

If you don't have a veterinarian yet, then the complimentary first exam certificate may be useful. The email I received, specifies that the certificate may not be used for specialty consultations, emergency exams, vaccinations, X-rays, medications, or procedures. There are also several participating vets listed who I could contact plus a link for more options.

Finally, the program includes 30-day's of pet insurance (limited to $1,500) administered by PetPartners. You have the option to activate the policy online or by phone. If you're happy with the coverage and service, you also get the option to extend the policy at your cost.

How much does joining Canine Partners cost?

$35 per dog.

Adding titles costs more. For example, adding the CGC title costs an additional $20.

Whoops! An expected error has occurred. Application Error screenshot I received a few times because I was using Safari. Once I switched to Firefox, I could successfully submit Bernie's information to the AKC Canine Partners program.

How do I join Canine Partners?

1. Make sure you're using a browser supported by the AKC. They list two under their Website Information and FAQs:

  • Internet Explorer 8/9
  • Firefox 3 or later

I can verify that using Safari is an exercise in frustration. As a Mac user, I use Safari almost exclusively, but after receiving the message Application Error more than once, I checked for compatible browsers and switched to Firefox where I had no problem submitting Bernie's information.

2. Go to the AKC Online Registration page.

3. Click on the blue tab called "Dog."

Welcome screen for the AKC online registration program

4. Once you've clicked on the blue tab called "Dog", you'll get three options for registering your dog:

  • Register a Purebred Dog
  • Enroll a Dog in AKC Canine Partners
  • Enroll a Purebred in Alternative Listing (PAL)

You'll want to click on the circle next to Enroll a Dog in AKC Canine Partners.

5. Then click the rectangular button "Continue to Registration."

Register your dog with the AKC. You have three options depending on the type of dog you have.

6. At this point, you'll see an application that allows you to enter your owner information, including additional owners, and enter your dog's information. The boxes turn yellow if there's a problem with any information you've typed in.

Primary Dog Owner Information with the option to add additional owners.

When you enter your dog's full name, the website will verify that the name meets the naming conventions set forth by the AKC. It took about three seconds for Bernie McSquare to be approved.

Dog information to fill out for AKC Canine Partners online registration.

Remember to check the box accepting the Terms and Conditions.

7. When you're done entering your information, just click "Continue".

8. On the next screen, you'll see a confirmation box for all the information you just entered.

There will also be a box for credit card information, cardholder contact information, and cardholder billing address. You do have the option to use the same address provided previously.

Credit Card Information screen for paying for the AKC Canine Partners program.

9. After you've entered and submitted all of your credit card information, you'll receive a confirmation of payment information screen.

10. Once you've confirmed the payment details you submitted, you receive the "Canine Partners Listing Receipt" screen that includes all of the information you've submitted to the AKC with the option to save and/or print a pdf of the Canine Partners Listing receipt.

While I did save a copy of that pdf, three emails from the AKC began appearing within minutes:

  • AKC Veterinary Enrollment Confirmation
  • AKC Reunite Enrollment Confirmation
  • AKC Receipt - Canine Partners Listing Application

Is there an option to mail-in registration information?

Yes! If you're having a hard time submitting your information online or if you just prefer paper, you may download and print a copy of the application from the AKC website. Just scroll to the bottom for the pdf application.

Not sure how to register your dog online for the AKC Canine Partners program? Follow these ten step-by-step instructions to success!

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