Bernie's Book Nook Adventure at Dog-Friendly Bookmans

Bernie McSquare prides himself on being a well-read Labradoodle, so one of his favorite dog-friendly places to visit in Tucson is Bookmans Entertainment Exchange.

I like browsing for books and working on some of Canine Good Citizen skills in a friendly environment. Bookmans East has several comfy chairs throughout the store. As we walked by, several people made "awww" sounds, so I asked if they wanted to meet Bernie. In addition to practicing walking through crowds nicely, we were also practicing sitting politely for petting.

Plus we found some great photo opportunities!

Bernie found a teddy bear bigger than any he'd seen previously in the children's section of Bookmans East.
Bookmans provides an inviting environment for me to discover new authors and revisit my favorites too!
— Bernie McSquare
Bernie McSquare with a yellow peanut M&M statue found at the Bookmans East location in Tucson, Arizona.
Labradoodle Bernie poses in the aisle of Bookmans East in Tucson on one of our field trips to practice walking around people.

We took pictures at another outing we had at the Bookmans Northwest location. Please visit Walking Through Crowds & Browsing at Bookmans to see some adorable pictures of Bernie practicing his loose-leash walking skills, and finding some books for me to read to him. 


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