Roaming the Rillito River Park Path

Bernie, Lizzie, and I have a few walks that we just love. One of them is the 3.5 mile section of the Rillito River Park pathway between Brandi Fenton Memorial Park and N. Swan Road.

This pathway offers a nice mix of paved pathway and soft trail to help vary your route. There are also numerous features along the way that I like to use for training opportunities.

Just outside the Brandi Fenton Memorial Garden, there is a row of benches decorated with colorful garden-themed tiles. Bernie and Lizzie practice their sit-stay and down-stay on one of the benches.

Loop between Brandi Fenton Park and North Swan Road

1. Community Memorial Garden in Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

The garden memorializes Brandi Fenton, a girl killed in a car accident on March 22, 2003 just before her 14th birthday. She loved butterflies. While the plants in this garden may not bloom year-round, the vibrant tiles reflect her enduring spirit. The plaque reads in part, "Please enjoy the park, cherish everyday as if it were a gift, and if you happen to come upon a butterfly, stop, smile, and say hello."

At the entrance to this garden, there are two different statues featuring children. Lizzie was a little scared of the statues the first time we walked up, so I like approaching slowly, giving her time to sniff everything out, and treating her, of course, for being well-behaved.

Bernie and Lizzie McSquare loved exploring the Butterfly Memorial Garden for Brandi Fenton on the Rillito River Park Path. The colorful tiles and designs were scattered all around the garden.
Lizzie and Bernie McSquare practice their down-stay and sit-stay inside the memorial garden for Brandi Fenton. Along the walkway, colorful butterfly tiles remind visitors to be on the lookout for butterflies.
Bernie and Lizzie McSquare practice a sit-stay next to the statue of two children reading a book inside the Brandi Fenton Memorial Garden in Tucson, AZ.
The entrance to the memorial garden at Brandi Fenton Park in Tucson, Arizona.

2. Fitness Stop within Brandi Fenton Park

Just southeast of the memorial garden, there's a fitness stop. There are two sit-up stations that are perfect structures to have the pups jump onto for practice with different platforms.

Nearby, there's also an open green space and a sports field. Depending on what events are being held on any given day, you may find some different distractions

Lizzie and Bernie McSquare happily jump onto numerous platforms around Brandi Fenton Park on the Rillito River Park Path.

3. Rest Rooms between Alvernon and Columbus on the south side of the path

From Brandi Fenton Park, we like to cross the bridge at Dodge Blvd so we're walking on the south side of the Rillito River Path. I find it's easier for me to keep the dogs to my right plus the trail access is easier walking on the south side of this loop first.

Once you go under N. Alvernon Way, the path curves a bit toward a rest room stop. Around this area there are two sets of stone lounge chairs with a beautiful view of the Santa Catalina Mountains. 

Bernie likes resting here to sniff all the bicyclists riding by.

Bernie and Lizzie McSquare love these stone lounge chairs locate don the south side of the Rillito River Park Path between Alvernon and Swan.

Just outside the rest room area, there are also two stone bring-your-own-pieces chess sets. Again, just stunning views of the Santa Catalinas plus distractions.

People are usually coming and going from both the parking lot and the rest rooms, so it can be an ideal location for practicing sit-stays and down-stays.

Bernie and Lizzie watch bicyclists, pedestrians, roller bladers, and other dogs go by from their perch on these chess sets stationed at one of the bathroom stops on the Rillito River Park Path.

4. The neighborhood view on the north side of the Rillito River Path

After we cross the bridge over N. Swan Road, we head from the rest room stop there immediately onto the soft trails. We like taking slightly different routes each time to vary up the sniffs, but we always appreciate the homes in this neighborhood that backs up to the pathway.

With the wider trails here, I can easily see people coming and going, so this area is another place to practice sit-stays and down-stays.

On the north side of this section of the Rillito River Park Path, there are some interesting homes along the trail section. Bernie and Lizzie like resting here because they're slightly above the rest of the paved pathway and they like seeing everyone go by.
Bernie and Lizzie McSquare prefer walking on the trails on the RIllito River Path. Here they're sitting on the sandy path just outside of George Mehl Park.
Roaming the Rillito River Park Path: Loop between Brandi Fenton Memorial Park and North Sawn Road in Tucson, Arizona.

As we explore this loop of the Rillito River Park Path more,
I'll add more pictures and features to this tour.