Making New Friends at the Dog Park

After three weeks at home, both Bernie and Lizzie were thrilled to spend an evening enjoying the cool crisp desert air at Naranja Dog Park chasing their Chuckit balls, wrestling with one another, and making some new friends. 

Bernie likes the new kid at the dog park.
Bernie greets a new dog at the dog park while Lizzie rushes over to check out the new kid.
Lizzie comes over to say hello to the new dog too!

After meeting a sweet new pup in our neighborhood, Bernie and Lizzie came down with upper respiratory infections. Just as their coughing subsided, Bernie contracted an ear infection that set off his atypical Addison's Disease. On vet orders, we adjusted his medications. After another week with no sign of GI tract irritation, both pups were cleared for a dog park outing.

What's the longest quarantine you've imposed on one of your pets?
Please share in the comments below.

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