Lizzie Continues to Overcome Her Fears

Lizzie and I took another solo trip over to La Encantada Shopping Center for her to practice some loose-leash walking and being quiet when presented with random people noises.

One of the shops had a sign out on the promenade. As soon as Lizzie and I turned the corner walking toward the sign, she honed in on the two female models. While her first reaction was to gently pooft, when I told her "uh uh," and reached for my treat bag, she quieted. She then proceeded to nose the photo of the young woman on the left. 

Once Lizzie had confirmed that these two young women were not magically moving out of the ground, she was happy to sit for a photo.

Labradoodle Lizzie McSquare sits in front of a shop sign featuring two young models at La Encantada Shopping Center.