How to Take Charge of Your Pet's Records and Appointments

Keeping track of pet records and scheduling their various appointments can get overwhelming for pet parents.  That's why I'm sharing some strategies to maintain order.

Use a cloud-based program/app as your filing cabinet.

Scanning all records into a cloud-based program or app just makes sense. And there are plenty to choose from.

  • Amazon Drive
  • Apple iCloud
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft OneNote

Dropping off your fur baby at a new groomer? Starting an obedience class with a new trainer? Doggie daycare needs that annual check on immunizations? All records from your veterinarian are on your phone.

Out-of-town and your pet sitter or boarder needs to take your pet to the emergency veterinarian? If they need previous labs, medical records history, or any other documents, you've got them in the cloud ready to send electronically and easily to that facility.

You can keep the physical copies of all documents, but now you don't have to remember to bring them when you start new services, or cart them around with you on vacation in case there's an emergency. You're just prepared!

What kinds of documents could you keep in a cloud-based filing cabinet?

  • adoption paperwork
  • microchip registration
  • immunization records
  • county licensing paperwork
  • other vet visit documents
  • lab or test results
  • instructions for pet sitters or dog walkers

Organize your pet's appointments in a cloud-based calendar.

Whether you're a single pet parent or partnered, placing your pet's schedule into the cloud helps eliminate confusion and double-booking. If you haven't converted to using iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook, or another cloud-based calendar app, you should consider the convenience of having your schedule on your phone.

I'm a big believer in color-coding my life. If you're a single pet parent, I would dedicate one color to my pet's schedule. At a glance, I could see which time slots have been set aside for my pet.

Since Matthew and I share all of our different calendars in iCal, we decided that Bernie and Lizzie would not get their own color-coded calendar. Instead, we place all of their appointments in the calendar we named "Shared" because we're super original. Shared is set aside for anything we want to do together. We do have ten other calendars that are shared, but they have different names reflecting various aspects of our lives.

Below is a screenshot of just our August shared calendar, which I like to color-code red.

iCal shared calendar for all of our appointments and events.

We use the "All Day" banner option quite a bit to push important reminders to the top of the day. However, with 11 calendars total, we can end up with several banners on one day. Frequently, I find honing in on the daily view much easier to read.

Since our different shared calendars can get full, I like using the daily view to see how my day will be paced.

What kinds of appointments could you keep in your calendar?

  • Veterinary appointments
  • Grooming appointments
  • Training sessions or class dates
  • Doggie daycare appointments
  • Other socialization play dates
  • Heartgard administration

By using the cloud, you're setting yourself up for fewer headaches and less stress.

Establishing the habit of scanning all of that paperwork may take a bit of time. Just start with the most recent documents. Build from there. You don't have to scan everything all at once. If you do, maybe watch a fun movie or listen to an audiobook.

When I need to add an event to our shared calendar, I just do it right at the counter of the groomer's or vet's. If I'm talking to a friend about meeting up at a dog park, I add the event as we make the plan.

Overwhelmed by the number of records you're accumulating on your pet? Is your pet's schedule more complicated than yours? Read on for tips from this OCD dog mom about organizing all of those records and appointments.

How do you maintain order with your pet's records and appointments? Please share in the comments below.

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