#AtoZ Challenge: S is for Supplements and Medications

#AtoZ Challenge: S is for Supplements and Medications

Practicing a skill or two at meal time is so easy to integrate into your daily routine that I decided to stress that point.

Many dog parents give their pup supplements for a variety of reasons. Instead of just handing over the yummy duck-flavored probiotic, ask your dog to do something. It takes seconds to accomplish, your dog will more than likely want the treat, and you're getting in at least one daily dose of training on at least one skill..

Same idea applies to any medications you have to give to your dog. If you're hiding a pill in peanut butter, cheese, or pill pocket, make them practice a simple skill or one you’re working on to earn the “treat”.

If you're watching your treat budget, then using feeding time, supplements, and medication as an opportunity to train with a food reward helps you in more than one way.

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