#AtoZ Challenge: Q is for Queues

#AtoZ Challenge: Q is for Queues

Any time you’re standing around waiting for something or someone, train with your dog. Even if you just get in a minute or two of practice with one skills, that's another minute or two logged that you didn't have before.

Waiting is a great time to work on engagement with dog. Call their name and give your positive marker word when they look at you. 

And you're probably waiting more than you may think...

Whenever I meet friends for coffee or a meal, I'm usually waiting at some point. I may arrive first. My friend may run to the restroom. If I'm out with Matthew at Starbucks, he runs in to grab the lattes. 

When we took neighborhood walks that involved traffic, we would wait during red lights.

Urban dogs may have to wait for an elevator.

If you attend any dog-friendly events, you may have to wait in line at some point to fill out paperwork or pick something up.

Running a bath? Train while you wait for the tub to fill.

Waiting for something to boil on the stove? Train.

If you get into the habit of training in these microbursts, your dog's ability to follow your cues more precisely will improve.

Training while you wait for whatever is a shift in your mindset. It's you recognizing that you have a choice about how you spend your time with your dog. You can be the person who's constantly checking their cell phone and ignoring their dog, or you can be the person who's engaging with their dog and training in little bits.

#AtoZChallenge - Q is for Queues - Practical Dog Training Tips for Busy People on McSquare Doodles

When do you find yourself with your dog and waiting?
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