#AtoZ Challenge: H is for Housework

#AtoZ Challenge: H is for Housework

I am not a fan of housework, so any excuse to break up the drudgery of chores makes me happy.

Whenever I'm cleaning, I take frequent breaks. Some are for snacks for me, but others are to work with the dogs.

Start with easy tasks and work towards more challenging ones

Take a break from dusting or doing the dishes to train.

If you're cooking, train while you're waiting for water to boil or a timer to go off.

Start using your housework noises as distractions.

Got the dishwasher running? Ask your dog to stay near that sound as you train.

Work up to the vacuum cleaner. Since the dogs can't actually hear me while I'm vacuuming, I'll put them in a down-stay or on place somewhere nearby as I capture the crumbs they missed.

Desensitize your dogs to cleaning objects

Besides letting them sniff the loud scary vacuum cleaner, let them check out the mop, broom, dust bin, or feather duster. When we replace our mop head, I let the dogs walk over it.

If you have to use a step stool or ladder to clean ceiling fans, let your dog sniff and explore around that strange object before you start cleaning.

Whenever I open a jumbo paper towel package, I let the pups walk over that big plastic bag. Be sure to recycle or throw the bag out somewhere safe. You don't want pets suffocating.

The grand finale

When you're done with that grueling housework, you deserve a bath. Pick out your favorite bath bomb, epsom salts, or essential oils, and start the water running.

While you're waiting, you could work with your dog.

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Do you ever break up household chores with training?
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