#AtoZ Challenge: G is for Games

#AtoZ Challenge: G is for Games

In addition to keeping dog obedience training short, you want to keep it fun!

When you make training sessions enjoyable for your dog, more than likely you'll see a higher engagement level. You'll strengthen your bond with your dog. Plus you'll have a good time and forget that you're "working" with your dog.

Playing games are effective for tuckering your dog out both physically and mentally. You can also integrate training on specific cues.

I like to integrate practice of drop it when I'm playing games with the pups. Since we're having fun, the pups know they'll get the toy back as soon as they follow the cue. I like to repeat and reinforce drop it so if the day ever comes when I want them to drop something that's dangerous, they'll listen.

Practicing tricks while you're playing games also keeps the training session light. One trick that some people really enjoy is teaching their dog to put their toys away.

Game Ideas

  • Fetch, including indoor fetch
  • Tug-of-war
  • Frisbee
  • Puzzle toys
  • Snuffle mats
  • Frozen Kongs
  • Feeding balls
  • Interactive treat-dispensing toys
  • Paper plate recall
  • Three cup Monte shell game with treats
  • Muffin tin with a few treats covered with tennis balls
  • Egg carton closed with a few treats inside

Need more ideas? Check out the public Facebook group Canine Enrichment. People post photos, videos, and ideas for enrichment activities to improve the quality of life of their dog.

Not on Facebook? No worries. The creator of the group has his own website: Shay's Dog Blog - Enrichment, Ethics, and Training. Shay is Buddhist

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