Happy Holidays everyone!

Like many other dog parents, we have a lot of dog stuff in the McSquare household. Our favorite gifts are consumable or digital. And we like toys that really keep Bernie and Lizzie engaged.

We sat down and chose these 8 ideas as our top gift suggestions for anyone who knows a dog parent who already has all of the other dog things!

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Consumable Gifts

Wet Noses Little Stars Dog Training Treats in Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter flavors make obedience or trick training easy. These teeny stars are barely 1/4" in diameter, so dog owners can reward their dog liberally without worrying about spoiling their pup's appetite. These treats are also USDA Organic and a verified non-GMO pet product, so they'll live up to the standards of the pickiest of dog parents.

Wet Noses All Natural Dog Treats are also USDA organic and a verified non-GMO product, but these are bigger cookies perfect for bedtime treats or special occasions. These cookies come in a variety of flavors to make any dog happy!

Beco Bags (Eco Friendly Poop Bags) because every dog poops! These spacious bags are great for anyone with larger hands or larger doggie deposits. The best part? The plastic degrades in 90-120 days, so no feeling bad about using plastic poop bags.

Canine Enrichment Gifts

Outward Hound's Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Toy keeps dogs from getting bored. After finding each squirrel, they can squeak away. Dog parents can hide the squirrels again or play some inside fetch with these adorable critters. The small, medium, and large burrows have three squirrels each. The extra large one comes with six squirrels!

KONG's Classic Dog Toy may be the most popular dog toy we've ever seen. Everyone seems to own one, but I don't think most dog owners would mind having another. This puzzle toy, which comes in six different sizes, makes for some effective enrichment during kennel time or other times dogs may be left alone. Having a few more on hand for regular rotation may be greatly appreciated by some dog parents.

West Paw's Zogoflex Toppl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle Toy makes another great gift for the dog parent who has to leave their pup alone for longer stretches or who wants to slow down how quickly their dog eats their kibble. Remember, you do need to buy TWO of these toys: one small and one large. Together they create the Toppl Toy that dogs nose around to release the kibble from two different holes.

Licki Mat's Buddy and Soother Mats stimulate a dog's curiousity and can keep him busy licking away a variety of treats. Freeze the treat to make the enrichment session last longer! These mats are easy to prepare and clean, so perfect for the dog parents who need to keep their pooch occupied.

Books to Encourage a Stronger Bond

You may want to consider an Audible subscription for the dog lover who wants to learn more about their best friend or the pet parent who just enjoys a good story.

There are numerous quality dog books available on Audible that offer tips for training and understanding dogs better. Plus plenty of fiction novels featuring dogs for all the feels and other popular titles!

While my commute is short, I listen to audiobooks whenever I drive the pups to destination for our daily walk. We’re talking less than 30 minutes in my car on most days. Even so, in 2018 I’ve listened to 12 different audiobooks.

I’m almost done with my 13th audiobook and I would guess I’ll listen to at least 2-3 more before the end of the year. That’s averaging more than one book a month.

Given the sales and special deals Audible offers, anyone who enjoys a good book would appreciate a subscription as a gift.

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